Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What are the main commands?

The main commands for the communication with the bot are:

update ~ Public your Tox-ID to receive invites from other members.
(ex. update **your Tox-ID**) - The Tox-ID must be 76 characters long and include the "noSpam" string and the checksum.

dir ~ Generate a token to access the user list.

edit ~ Generate a token to edit your profile page.

? or HELP ~ Show the HELP CENTER.

Q. What about data security?

Everything at is token based. We do not use credentials like an username, e-mail address or password. It's only possible to generate a valid token with your tox client (like qTox) and your unique tox-id. What we don't have cannot be stolen. The only information we store in our database are the public profile and group information.

More questions come over time ...